Woman Who Married A Rag Doll Said She's Pregnant With Their Second Child

Woman Who Married A Rag Doll Said She's Pregnant With Their Second Child

A woman who hit the headlines after ‘marrying’ a rag doll has revealed that she is now ‘pregnant’ with their second child, and hops this will help save their marriage after finding out her husband cheated on her.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, from Brazil, has gone viral many times over the past few years, after sharing her whirlwind romance with the inanimate object.

The 37-year-old was thrilled to announce that she is expecting another baby with her rag doll husband – showing off a pregnancy test on TikTok that appears to be positive.

The clip has racked up over 369,000 views with the couple saying they are ‘so happy’ and hoping for a girl this time around.

The couple already have a son who they welcomed last year after getting married, because they didn’t want to have the baby out of wedlock. Their wedding ceremony was attended by 250 guests.

I’m very happy because I’m pregnant with Marcelo again,’ Meirivone said. ‘This time we’re going to have a girl.

‘We really wanted to get pregnant again, Marcelo kept asking when we’re going to get another baby, and I said one day.

‘There were a couple times I felt nauseous, so I would take a test, but they were negative

However, I recently started to get nauseous again, so bought a test from the local pharmacy and it was positive!

‘We are so happy. We would love to have a little princess.

We already have a boy, but if the baby turns out to be one too, we will love them just the same.’

Having gone through relationship troubles in the past, the couple are hoping having another baby will strengthen their marital bond.

She said: ‘Since finding out that he cheated on me, we have been very distant.

We still live in the same house but it isn’t the same. But now, because of the baby, things are different.

Marcelo has been much more affectionate with me and I believe that this will improve our relationship. This new baby will save our marriage.’

Meirivone met her lover after complaining to her mum about being single and having nobody to dance with.

Her mother then created Marcelo the ragdoll and it was love at first sight, as the pair enjoyed a whirlwind romance.

In Meirivone’s TikTok video, she can be seen showing the positive test to the camera, while jumping up and down for joy.

The clip has over 24,000 likes and thousands of comments

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