Gay Couple Welcome Bouncy Baby Girl

Gay Couple Welcome Bouncy Baby Girl

American gay couple who are known as Taylor and Isaiah since walking down the aisle has welcomed a bouncy baby girl.

gay couple gives birth

The baby girl identified as Gyasi was given birth through surrogacy and looks beautiful and healthy.

They wrote: “Our wonderful child has finally arrived! Gyasi (Jah-see) Green-Jones was born March 31st @9:38am, 6 lb/14 oz, a healthy baby girl. We are so excited for this parenting journey. ALL OF THE THANKS TO OUR SURROGATE for making this a reality🙏🏾. Thank you to our family, friends and loving community for all of the support!”

The couple is unshamed by their acts of being gay and has gone to an extent of having a child which clearly shows how far the world has come.

The lovers who welcomed the baby through a surrogate announced the birth of their baby girl on Instagram on Friday, March 31.

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