The Word's Tallest Outdoor Elevator

Have you ever watched the movie Avatar? If yes, can you image to embed a towering super-modern elevator to the cliff of floating Hallelujah Mountains? It may sound crazy, but such a bold vision has already come true in Zhangjiajie. In this guide, we will introduce you this marvelous creation - Bailong Elevator (also known as Bailong Lift or Hundred Dragons Elevator)! Keep reading and get more about its facts, how to get there and how to plan a tour to visit it!

Bailong Elevator Facts - Construction, Location & Cost

Construction: 1999.9 - 2002.4Ticket: CNY65/person for one-way up or downOpening Hours: 07:00-18:00Duration: about 2 minutesLocation: Yuanjiajie, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie 

The name Bailong means A Hundred Dragons in English. Therefore, Bailong Elevator is also known as Hundred Dragons Elevator. The elevator is located in the World Heritage site Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It took a mere three years to build this architectural marvel! When the proposal of creating such an elevator appeared, the engineers just wanted to help tourists enjoying the scenery in ease and convenience. With the discussion went on, more and more environmental ideas were added. Considering not to upset the natural balance of the neighborhood, half of the elevator was embedded in and half out of the cliff. In order to perfectly “hidden” in the surroundings, all of the elevators were fitted with glass windows. And finally, such a special elevator created.

The ticket price of the elevator is about CNY 65 per person for a single journey. There is no discount when you book round-trip tickets. So you are suggesting to book the tickets when you want to experience it!

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Why Visit Bailong ElevatorThree Guinness Book of World Records Awards

Bailong Elevator wins not one but three Guinness Book of World Records awards, the tallest full-exposure outdoor elevator, the world’s tallest double-deck sightseeing elevator, and the world’s fastest passenger traffic elevator with the biggest carrying capacity. Only the visit to this record-breaking creation itself can be thrilling!

Unique Angle for Sightseeing

When the lift is in motion, you could appreciate the vertiginous outside Avatar Mountains from the glass windows. Wulingyuan Scenic Area is a huge natural system. You can take a visit by hiking, riding cable car and catching free sightseeing buses! However, the gratefulness brought by Bailong Elevator is unique. Only by taking Bailong Elevator can you have a comparison of the Mountain View from the bottom to the top in a minute! The last half of the ride is extremely appealing.

Time-saving and Energy-saving Way to Reach Hallelujah Mountain

Usually, hiking from the bottom of Yuanjiajie to its top needs about 2 hours. And it needs about 1.5-2 hours more to catch the highlights on the mountain's top, such as Hallelujah Mountain, No.1 Bridge in the World and Fascinating Platform, etc. On the way from the bottom to the top, you couldn’t find any other alternative vehicles to jump up to, meaning you should and have to finish the hiking journey by yourself. It may be a horrible thing if you get tired on the middle way. However, things change when Bailong Elevator appears. You can easily travel to the mountain top in 2 minutes now! During the rest of the day, you can get really relax when exploring the highlights of Yuanjiajie. If you want, you can also have time to visit Tianzi Mountain or Yangjiajie.

Source - China Discovery 

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