Military Offered Me 150,000 For the Death OF MY Younger Sister - Preye

Preye, the older sister of 24-year-old Damiete Green who was killed by a military officer whose name is Sgt. Yinka Ayileka, a trigger-happy soldier deployed to the Nigeria Correctional Centre. The deceased was shot by Yinka Ayileka.

After the death of Damiete Green, Preye told the Nation Newspaper that the military has been frustrating the family's effort to get justice for the deceased. Preye stated that the military engaged in hide-and-seek with the family. Preye disclosed that the family was offered N150,000 by the Nigerian military.

Preye told the Nation Newspaper that the Commandant (6th Division) gave Capt Dyadya N150,000 to transfer to her. Remember that late Damiete Green was shot by the soldier and she was rushed to Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, from where she was referred to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. She was in the hospital for 12 days before she was confirmed dead.

According to report, Damiete Green was given a ride by Emmanuel Oluwaseun who lived in the same area with her. However, Sgt. Yinka Ayileka shot and killed her while trying to stop Emmanuel Oluwaseun's car at a military checkpoint in Rivers State.

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