Kenyans Mourn Peter Omondi , A Co - Pilot Who Perished After A Plane Plugged Into Lake Victoria

A section of Kenyans has taken to social media to mourn Peter Omondi, the first officer who perished after a plane plunged into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

It has now been revealed that Peter Omondi was the co-pilot in the Precision Air plane which crashed into the lake early Sunday morning.

The plane plunged into the lake while trying to land at the Bukoba Airport in the Kagera region.

According to the sources from Tanzania, the high rainfall that was being experienced in the Kagera region was the reason why the pilot failed to locate a clear landing site.

ODM MCA cum blogger Robert Alai is among Kenyans who have taken to social media to mourn Peter Omondi.

"RIP brother Peter Omondi formerly of Wilken Telecoms," Alai mourned before other Kenyans joined him in the comment section.

It is not clear whether Peter Omondi is a Kenya or not, even though the name suggests so.

The main pilot of the plane was Captain Buruhani Rubaga, an experienced aviator with the airline for nearly 20 years.

Survivors noted that after the plane plunged into the lake, water started entering in and within a short time, those at the front including the pilots had already been swallowed by the water.

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