Benjamin Netanyahu Returned to Power as Israeli Prime Minister for the Second Time.

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has returned to power as Israeli prime Minister for the second time.

He secured the mandate on Sunday when President Isaac Herzog announced, in a ceremony in Jerusalem, that he should form the next government in Tel Aviv, a few years after leaving the same office amidst corruption allegations.

“I have decided to assign to you, Benjamin Netanyahu, the task of forming a government,” President Herzog, who is not oblivious of his corruption charges, told him at the Jerusalem ceremony.

Netanyahu is expected to form the new government within the next 28 days. Coming on the heels of an unprecedented political turmoil in which the electorates have had to vote in five elections in less than four years, Netanyahu’s November 1 mandate and political resurgence is expected to result in the most extreme right-wing administration ever known in the history of the Jewish nation, particularly as his far right allies form the majority of the 120-seat Knesset.

While accepting the offer, Netanyahu, 73, vowed to serve all Israelis, including, as he put it, “those who voted for us and those who did not…”

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