A Man From Singapore Slept With 57 Women In 24 Hours

Meet a man who managed to make it to the Guinness book of records after breaking a long standing world record of sleeping with 57 women in a span of 24 hours. The 34 year old man hailed from Singapore and broke the record in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, in an annual event run by a local brothel.

According to reports, the unnamed man disclosed that he had been training hard for months to break the previous record which stood at 55 and he was delighted that he broke it.

Quoting him, he said, “I've always been a bit of a sex addict, and when I learned that the brothel was having a world record attempt I knew I had to come and give it a go. I take it really seriously and train for it just like an athlete would prepare for a marathon. In some ways, it's actually much harder than a lot of professional sports.``

The Singapore man was very focused on his goal in that by mid-day he had already slept with 29 girls, which he shortly started getting cramps which was attended to by a present physiotherapist who gave him a massage.

As it goes that other competitions has its own rules, in this one, a participant wasn't allowed to take any prescribed medicine for an erection and he even had to pass a test for being clean of any medicines beforehand. He did, however, use some natural remedies, but didn't want to disclose them.

Funny enough, there was another strict rule that that each participant must ejaculate at least 5ml of semen, and to add on to the awkwardness, there were officials to actually measure the amount at the end of each session. 

However, it did not come easy. Reportedly, he had to be rushed to the hospital right afterwards.

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