Man Locked in a Room For 20yrs Has Wife and Children but They're no Where to be Found

The Nigerian Police Force revealed how they were able to rescue the man who had been locked in a room for 20 years in Kaduna state. The police said that when they saw him, he was naked, sitting alone in the small room. They were the ones that gave him clothes to put on before taking him to a hospital.

They took him to a hospital where he was taken care of, they said that he eats, poops and do many other things in the same room where he's been locked for 20 years. The police also disclosed that they discovered that the man has a wife and children, but they are no where to be found.

He said while they made findings about the man, they realized that he has a wife and children, but no one knows where they are, and they are no where to be found at the moment.

The man on the other hand is in the hospital right now receiving medical treatments. Undoubtedly, investigation is still going on to know more about the incident that led him to be kept in a room for a whole 20 years. 

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